First Capital Bank (formerly First Merchant Bank) Scholarships

First Capital Bank (formerly First Merchant Bank) has been actively involved in providing scholarships to needy children from less-privileged families, in its endeavour to promote education and to support the poorer segments of Malawian society. Scholarships are awarded to deserving students to cover tuition payments, and First Capital Bank has over the years, made annual commitments to over 68 students, including:

  • 25 students at Joshua Secondary School, Blantyre;
  • 35 students at Chichiri Secondary School, Blantyre;
  • four students at College of Medicine, Blantyre;
  • four students at Mzuzu University;
  • two students at the Polytechnic, Blantyre;
  • two students at Chancellor College, Zomba.

The Bank also supports other deserving students.

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