Visa Debit Cards

How about immediate access to your money anywhere in the world?

First Capital Bank  VISA Debit Cards with both Chip and PIN facility. With a chip on the card, it offers the latest encryption technology making this card more secure. Shop at a mall near you or dine at your favourite restaurant and pay with ease using your VISA debit card. Your Visa ATM Debit Card allows you 24 hour access to your money globally via the VISA ATM network! Choose the card tailor made to suit your lifestyle - Visa Fast, Visa First and Visa Prestige.  
Card Product Monthly Limit Daily Limit Transactional Limit – Standard ATM Transactional Limit – Slim ATMs
Visa Prestige Debit Cards K3,000,000 K500,000 K80,000 K20,000
 Visa First Debit Cards K2,000,000 K300,000 K80,000 K20,000

Card charges

Please refer to the Tariff Guide


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