MasterCard Cash Passport

MasterCard Corporate card is ideal for business owners and their employees who travel and have significant business related expenses. The Gold card option will be particularly useful to the more frequent traveller who wants to take advantage of the associated benefits such as access to business lounges and enhanced travel benefits.

The MasterCard Corporate Gold card, in addition to the standard benefits, offers business owners and employees peace of mind with travel and priority pass benefits. MasterCard is accepted in over 24 million outlets worldwide.

Features of the MasterCard corporate card

  1. Annual fees paid per card
  2. Multiple cards with minimum optional card limit
  3. High Credit limit on the account
  4. Control the daily withdrawal limit from ATMs
  5. Access to card usage data via Business eBanking
  6. 24 hour customer service

Travel benefits of the MasterCard Cash Passport

The benefits apply for both business and personal travel all over the world. Associated travel benefits cover not only the cardholder on business- related trips but also certain family members joining the cardholder on worldwide leisure trips without having to use the card to pay for the trip.

Travel benefits include protection for:

  • Flight and luggage delays
  • Accidents
  • Medical expenses and hospital benefit
  • Lost luggage
  • Travel cancellation and curtailment
  • Personal liability
  • Assault
  • Legal expenses